How to Green Your Home (Part 1): Build an Indoor Vertical Garden. When in NYC, you have to be creative with your space. After filling up just about every horizontal surface with flora, I turned to the wall for inspiration. Kari and Edwin from Mingo Designs came over to create a most wonderful indoor vertical garden - equipped with sub-irrigation system and 15 different species of plants - from philodendrons to sword ferns. how to build a deck,how to build a house,vegetable gardening,container gardening ideas,greenwall,container garden ideas,kitchen garden,vertical earth gardens,how to make a vertical garden out of a pallet,kitchen gardens,vertical planter diy,indoor gardening tips,garden pallet,vertical wall,vertical walls,how to build a kitchen,pallet garden vertical,diy pallet vertical garden,kitchen gardening,living wall construction,how to do vertical gardening,diy living walls,homemade hydroponic kits,inside garden room,how to do indoor gardening,build you home,vertical pallet,build a green wall,build your home yourself,build a garden wall diy


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