A master bathroom with a large shower stall and Jacuzzi tub. Wall tile installed in this bathroom is a polished marble 12"x12" on the walls of the shower area. This wall tile includes a border of glass mosaic tile, a corner granite curb, granite bench seat installed on a "Better Bench" corner shelf for support. The shower also includes a recessed niche with. Exposed edges of the marble tile were all custom polished to match the finish of the tile surface. The thinset used to set the tile on the walls was Laticrete Gold 253. The floor tile was made of the same material, but 18"x18", and was installed on Schluter Ditra uncoupling membrane underlayment. The Schluter Ditra was installed to the plywood subfloor with the same Laticrete Gold 253, but an unmodified thinset was used to set the tile on the ditra. The Tornado leveling system was used to help eliminate lippage between tiles.


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