This video embed content video about how to build brick patio, and See below shopping list and Tools : Shopping List for How to Build a Brick Patio: - Brick pavers, used to create patio surface - Graded base, for forming sub-base for patio - Sand, is spread over sub-base and on top of patio - Plastic edging, used to create border around brick patio Tools for How to Build a Brick Patio: - Shovel, used to excavate the site - Nylon mason's line and stakes, for stretching layout lines across patio - Plate compactor, used to tamp down soil, sub-base and brick pavers - Garden rake, for spreading sand - Hammer, used to tap in spikes that hold down the edging - Masonry saw, used to cut brick pavers -Screed and screed rails, for establishing proper screed height of sand base - Wheelbarrow, used to transport material - Push broom, for sweeping excess sand from patio


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